Pebble or Rock Competition

Event date: 
Tuesday, 25 June 2019 - 9:00am
Gt & Lt Bromley
Details/ Location: 

It's time to take part in The Bromleys' Pebble / Rock Competition which is part of the 2019 Great Bromley Flower Festival. Our theme for this year will be "As Long As I Have Music"

Does this make you think of something that you could paint, decorate or draw on a rock (of any size up to 12" diameter) with permanent markers or paint? It could be anything musical, a song, an instrument, etc.  What does this theme make you think of? 

There are four age sections: 3-5 years, 6-11 years, 12-16 years and 17+.

Entry forms, containing deadlines and rules, are available from the Great Bromley Church Entrance and in Little Bromley Church Porch. 

Fill in the registration form and return it to Great Bromley Church with your rock by Tuesday 25th June 2019 to be in the competition. There will be a £1 charge towards the PCC to enter.  The rocks will be on display over the whole of the weekend.

For more details contact:  Carol Cordwell on 01206 395103