Broadband for Great Bromley

22 Jan 2016

UPDATE 22 Jan 2016

The availability of subsidised satellite broadband provision will be of interest to some residents not able to acquire 2mbps speeds. Download document about Superfast presentation here.

UPDATE 14 Feb 2014

A company called MML are working with Tendring District Council (TDC) to bring high speed broadband to the district, hopefully this year! The Parish Council is waiting further details.

TDC has again emphasised the importance of registering interest in any potential service, with Essex County Council (ECC) as they have a pot of money to put towards providing High Speed Broadband to rural areas. Demand recorded by residents will be considered when allocating funds, so basically if we haven’t pestered them by registering interest we might miss out. As such can we please ask you to register your interest in getting High Speed Broadband to the village by going to If you have already registered then it doesn’t hurt to have another go!

UPDATE 27 July 2012

Those who have registered an interest in the high speed broadband service being offered by County Broadband should have today (27th July) received an information pack.

UPDATE 27 June 2012

The Parish Council is awaiting an update on the provision of broadband in the Village by County Broadband. Updates will appear here.

UPDATE April 2012

Thank you to everyone who returned the forms in response to the survey carried out by the Parish Council and County Broadband. The turnout at the meeting in the Village Hall on 27th March was also very encouraging and there is obviously significant interest in the village for an enhanced broadband service.

Volunteers from the village will now be doing a house to house survey to firm up the numbers of people who are interested.

Please note that these volunteers are not trying to sell the service - they are simply collating information on the numbers of people who may be interested. There is no obligation to take the service at this stage.

If there is sufficient interest it is hoped that the necessary infrastructure will start appearing in July.

UPDATE February 2012

From the magazine, by Leonie Henderson
Speed is not the word I would use to describe broadband round here - ours is less than 0.2 mbs - and there are still some homes with no broadband at all. With a view to improving speeds Neil Skinner has been working hard for months with the result that County Broadband are coming to outline their plans for bringing high speed broadband to Great Bromley. The meeting will take place in the village hall on 27th March and to be successful the venture needs YOUR support to go forward so do attend the meeting.

New Option - September 2011

You may be aware that Great Bromley Parish Council has been working with Tendring District Council to identify ways of bringing high speed broadband to the village. A potential supplier has now been identified and there is the possibility that the necessary infrastructure can be installed at no cost to the village. Recent announcements in the media have detailed high speed broadband solutions for the people of Colchester and BT have announced further plans for Tendring including an upgraded service in Manningtree. However none of these schemes will benefit Great Bromley which falls into an area referred to as 'the final third' - basically the bit left behind that the government is looking to third party suppliers to provide a solution.

As previously mentioned any supplier needs assurance that there is necessary interest in the area so the investment they are prepared to put in is worth their while. As such the Parish Council will be required to conduct a house to house survey of every property in the parish to gauge the potential take up of any such service.

To whet your appetite the service being proposed will have a number of competitive price bands offering different speeds. At the top end an initial download speed of 20Mbps (increasing to 40Mbps in due course) will be available. To give an idea of performance, an hour long TV programme on the BBC iPlayer takes approximately 2.5 hours to download with the average speed available in Great Bromley. At 20Mbps it will take 3.5 minutes.

The Parish Council is working with Tendring DC to finalise details of the survey that needs to be carried out and it is intended that it be completed before the end of the year. Further details will appear here as they become available.

Neil Skinner

UPDATE January 2011

Many thanks to everybody who voted in the BT 'Race to Infinity' competition to bring high speed broadband to Great Bromley. In the end the Ardleigh exchange got 134 votes out of a possible 1,138 (11.78%) and Great Bentley received 166 votes out of a possible 1,998 (8.31%). Obviously the number of votes cast will not see BT rushing to provide an enhanced service to the village in the near future. However, it is interesting to note that the number of votes cast locally is significantly higher than neighbouring areas in North Essex and South Suffolk.

On a more positive note, the government has announced that the service that would have been provided by the BT Infinity programme is actually likely to be rolled out across the country anyway - they say before the end of this parliament. This will be funded by money from the TV license fee. Obviously we would like to see high speed broadband in Great Bromley much sooner so we will continue to encourage other suppliers to the area. The challenge will be to persuade them that there is sufficient interest based on the numbers who voted in the BT Infinity campaign.