Broadband latest

The latest from County Broadband is that the fibre installation is delayed until late summer.

"Your village is one of many being built in your local area. This is part of a major project which will see us install 66 miles of new fibre cables to just over 2000 homes in these villages.

To date we have carried out our initial design phase, surveyed all the routes, and route proved any existing infrastructure across all of these villages. This means we have confirmed our design is now viable for the next phase of build works. 

The next stage of our project is to engage with local highways and stakeholders to seek the appropriate permissions to start the next phase of build. 

Based on our target schedule we anticipate the next phase of our build works throughout these villages to be completed by July, August or September as per our current plan."

Date of notice: 
Friday, 21 February 2020