Local Elections

13 Mar 2019

Your community needs you. In May, local elections will be held. As part of that process, candidates are invited to stand for Parish Council. You don’t need any specific previous experience and the opportunity is totally inclusive. We encourage candidates from all cultures, gender and walks of life. The only common factor should be a want to serve the community within which you live and manage Council matters to deliver better outcomes for all. This could involve representing Parishioner concerns, aiding engagement with other parties where there is Parish interest e.g. Broadband, highways etc, collaborating with Tendring District Council or just getting ‘hands on’ with practical initiatives like speed watch, litter picking or a host of other things that just need doing. The Council and Councillors themselves are sensitive to the fact most have other time commitments and the time you give outside of monthly Council meetings can be flexed to suit your situation. Nomination packs can be collected from Clacton Town Hall or are online at the TDC website under Elections. The notice of election will be published on Tuesday 19th March. Receipt of nominations opens on 20th March and closes on 3rd April at 4pm. The statement of persons nominated will be public on 4th April at 4pm. The day of poll is 2nd May.

GBPC welcome fresh interest from prospective councillors.

Rob Lord – Chairman Great Bromley Parish Council