Say "No" to Tendring Central mass housing development


You can view the Great Bromley PC Submission by clicking here.

Old stuff:

A few years ago, plans were made for the Oasis Development at Gt Bromley (and the Three Greens Development before that) to infill the fields between Hare Green, Balls Green, Ravens Green & Frating. The Oasis idea was rejected following a public enquiry due to its unsustainability.

In the Consultation process for the new Local Plan in 2015 this site came back, this time as "TENDRING CENTRAL GARDEN VILLAGE" - a new town consisting of 2,500 houses as well as industrial units.

This was proposed by developers as one possible option to solve the extra housing requirements in Tendring for the next 15 years. You can see details of the four options on the Tendring Council Website. (This a large PDF document. Go to page 25 for the Housing section.)

The parishes of Great Bromley, Little Bromley, Frating and Little Bentley all agreed to oppose this development.

There were many attendees at the Exhibition in the Village Hall to look at and discuss the options, and very many people said they would comment against the proposal on the grounds that there is no infrastructure, particularly no rail link, and it will result in a major loss of grade 1 and 2 agricultural land and destruction of ancient lanes and footpaths.

Consultation has now closed (13 October). You can read the Great Bromley Parish Council's submission here.

We are now waiting for the Policy Planners to create the Draft Local Plan, expected after Christmas.In the meantime please feel free to


Q. What is the Local Plan?

A. The "Local Plan", perhaps not the best name, is the Tendring District Council's vision for the next 15 or so years, and shapes policy. Housing and Planning is an important part of it - there is a requirement from central government for all District Councils to provide a level of new houses to cope with rising population.

Q. In Great Bromley I got a letter and survey about Affordable Housing from RCCE (Rural County Council for Essex). What is the connection?

A. None whatsoever. The survey is to help the Parish Council ascertain the need for affordable housing, that is smaller houses with a fair rent. It is so our residents, who want to stay local, are not priced out of the market. Most developments tend to be large houses that are worth much more to the developer, which puts pressure on our youngsters and others who can't afford or don't want a huge house. Please fill in and return the survey form honestly and rest assured the council will be looking for a different, sustainable location for such housing if it is needed.

Q. I want to start a petition against this development!

A. Whilst a petition would not hurt it also would not do much good, we are advised. The council sets store by proper, individual submissions. So if everyone who would be prepared to sign a petition put in a submission against the proposals, that would be many times more effective. If however the proposal makes it into the Draft Plan we will reconsider a petition in that fight.

Q. What do I put in my submission?

A. You need reasons. Not just "Not in my back yard!". Here are some good examples, and please let us know any others you may have. CLICK HERE.