Suitable Planning Objections

Objections have to be based on valid planning reasons.  Good reasons why these houses should not be here - not just that we don't want it.  (Adverse affect on property prices is not a valid argument.)

You can download a list of arguments here.

Here they are listed too and some other thoughts people are contributing.

  • The Urbanisation of rural communities namely Frating, Hare Green and Balls Green
  • This is a non sustainable location. There are no train links or public transport infrastructure and will require heavy reliance on cars to get to larger towns for work, shopping and medical facilities.
  • Major loss of Grade 1 & 2 agricultural land
  • Damage to the character of the landscape
  • It will cause loss of general amenity for existing residents who will no longer be living in the rural community they chose but in or on the edge of an urban conurbation
  • Doesn’t meet TDC’s own planning policies; namely Delivering Sustainable Development.
  • "The Development Strategy: the majority of new homes and new commercial premises are built in and around existing towns, larger villages or locations that have good transport links.
  • Managing Growth: controlling the sprawl of new development and protecting the remaining open countryside.
  • Local Green Caps: Protecting important open spaces between different towns and villages from being developed to ensure they do not merge together
  • This site has been rejected for planning in the past due to the vast underground water catchment here. This needs to be protected for water needs, and anyway its presence might make development technically too difficult.
  • The lack of rail link means people will drive either to Manningtree, Great Bentley or other stations to commute.
  • The crossroads of the A133 and the B1029 is already an accident blackspot and will become much busier.
  • Manningtree has traffic problems as it is with the difficulties getting past the busy rail crossing towards Ipswich.
  • The bus service is shocking, and travelling anywhere other than Colchester or Walton is extremely difficult for anyone who does not drive.
  • The Great Bromley community would be adversely affected - dividing the village even more in two, rural to the north and Urban to the south.
  • Safety concerns for the children with the increased traffic, pollution and health concerns from an industrial area.
  • The local primary schools certainly couldn't cope with 5000 potential new students, let alone the secondary schools.
  • Great Bromley doesn't have a doctors surgery. Current residents go to Ardleigh or Great Bentley which are both already struggling to cover the wide service area due to shortage of medical staff in rural areas.
  • Costs of infrastructure and bringing in services required (I.e. school, doctor etc) will make it an expensive development, resulting in it mostly being mid to high end housing not the low cost housing the area might need
  • What about the 'brown field areas' in Tendring - use them for housing instead of good farming land and green spaces
  • We live in a village because we don't want to live in a town or city.