Village Appraisal 2006

A survey was undertaken in 2006 to gather the view of villagers on a wide range of topical issues. The survey comprised an appraisal questionnaire distributed to all households in the village and feedback from the children at St George's School.

The quality of responses from the 44% of completed questionnaires returned for analysis was good and this enabled the parish council and other village organisations to plan for the future and invest in the improvements that villagers believe are needed. The parish council has set up 18 working groups to address the issues raised in the appraisal report, a copy of which is accessible by clicking the link to the Great Bromley 2006 Village Appraisal Report
cover of Great Bromley Village Appraisal 2006

More details of the village appraisal and the associated follow-up activities can be found on the Great Bromley Parish Council Website.