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Great Bromley Parish Council

Great Bromley Parish Council has its own website which contains information on parish council matters as well as on topical issues affecting parishioners. The parish council website is at

The Clerk to Great Bromley Parish Council  who can be contacted via email at This post is currently vacant - if you are interested see details on

The Parish Council usually meets on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 7:30 in the Village Hall. Please check the calendar for any variations. All parishioners welcome.

The Parish Council can be followed on Twitter - @GreatBromleyPC

Great Bromley Village Appraisal 2006

you can see the outcomes of the 2006 Village Appraisal here.

Great Bromley - Village Map

Ordnance Survey have now opened up some of their maps for public use.

CLICK HERE to see the Ordnance Survey Map

Soon we hope to have a map marking village footpaths.

For other maps you could try or google maps.