Local History & Genealogy

The Stone Family have a page on this site, given their special and enduring relationship with our village from across the Atlantic.

Jennifer Nicholls is currently trying to trace members of the Alston family in New Zealand and South Africa. Please contact Jenny direct on +44 1206 230688 jenny @ fryerning.net if you can help.

I have a number of idea for this area of the website, but obviously not enough free time!

A little project underway, however, is a history of the people who gave their lives and are remembered on our War Memorial. Click here for details

Please get in contact if you are interested or can help with any information to do with Great (and Little!) Bromley. I would be very glad to put up details on these page if you so wish.

Dr Hugh Gunter Frostick - email: hugh@greatbromley.org.uk
Tel: 07722 253962 (International +44 7722253962)

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Helen Barrell's Birth, Marriage and Death transcriptions