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stone window
The Stone Window in Saint George's Church, Great Bromley

In 1634 the two brothers Stone who farmed in this area emigrated to the New World. In the ship The Increase, Gregory and Simon sailed from Ipswich with their wives and families ranging from one month old to 16 years, landing in Massachusetts in April three months later. They settled in Watertown and there they prospered in farming and multiplied, their descendants spreading all over the United States. They both became Deacons of their new Church having eschewed the traditional rites of the Church of England.

Their descendants formed a Stone Association in 1897 and undertook a comprehensive family census, resulting in J Gardner Bartlett publishing two 800 page volumes. In 1904 the Association commissioned and installed the Stone family Window to be seen on the north side of the Church. This was executed by Harvey and Ashby of Birmingham who ceased trading in World War II.

We receive many family visitors from all over the U.S. where descendants of the Stone family brothers have settled. Many members of the Stone family also travelled to England to visit Great Bromley in 2000, at the invitation of parishioners. We understand that the Stone Association ceased to function in the 1920s but recently, following these visits, there is a renewed spirit of revival.

There is a "Stone Road" in Great Bromley leading from Mary Lane into Honeypot Lane.

Contacts for The Stone Family Connection

Contacts in the United States:

Ben Stone
Susanne Page: susannecalistapage @ .

Contact in Great Bromley:

Mrs Jennifer (Jenny) Nicholls. Tel: +44 1206 230688.

Latest letter from St George's to the Stone family and descendants

Latest letter from Ben Stone Jnr to the Stone Family and descendants

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