Hare Green Recreation Field

The recreation field is situated in Hare Green, Great Bromley, with entrances from Harwich Road and Mary Lane South. It is a large field, totally enclosed by a hedge, incorporating a variety of equipment. This equipment, which meets R.O.S.P.A guidelines, includes: a youth shelter; younger children's climbing frame and equipment with slide; a ball wall; and a tarmac area for roller skating and skateboarding.This play equipment is due to be updated in Summer 2015.

There is a full size football pitch with goal posts, but there are no changing facilities at present. There is a picnic area with picnic bench, and additional seating around the field. The field contains a variety of mature trees.

The field is owned by the Parish of Great Bromley and maintained by the Parish Council. There is a sub-committee reporting to the parish council who oversee the general maintenance and safety of the field. R.O.S.P.A carry out an annual inspection of the field and the facilities and report back to the Parish Council.

The Parish Council has rules in place to ensure a safe environment for those who use the field. In particular the exercising of dogs and playing/practising of golf is forbidden on health and safety grounds. Use of the installed equipment is at the discretion of the individuals/parents and carers.

football pitch

The playing field is available for general use and lettings at the discretion of the Parish Council, e.g. car boot sales, table top sales, fetes. However, usage is dependent on the weather and in particular the ground conditions.

In 2015 improved drainage and access work has been carried out, with a new tarmacadam path to make for easier access in inclement weather. 

Any suggestions or comments on Hare Green Recreation Field can be made to any of the above sub-committee members or direct to the Parish Council Clerk.